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Our Services and Fees

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Miracles of Birth Doula Services


4 prenatal visits (or more your choice)
doctors visits with you (your choice)
On going support through out the entire pregnancy,
whether it be by phone in person or emails.
On call 24/7 the last 2-3 weeks of your pregnancy
and up to 10 days over your due date until you deliver which ever comes first.


Please feel free to email me or call me at anytime for any question or concern you may have. I would love to be of help to you and your family during this wonderful time

I will provide support through out your labor using either Hypnobabies, birthing ball, aromatherapy, pregnancy massage please feel free to contact me for anything else you might want to try I am always eager to learn new things!
I will be charging 300.00 for the total package above. I will also be offering Sliding Scale or payment plans for those that can't pay it all or pay in full. If you are worried that you don't have that much money, please contact me I feel that everyone deserves to have a doula present at their birth money should not be an option, I will also use a barter system or anything we could figure out, please contact me for more information or any questions!

Post Partum Doula Services will be offered at 15.00 an hour. Services that will be offered will be watching the baby so that mom can get a break such as a nap or maybe just to take a much needed shower.
Watching your other children so that you can tend to the baby.
making some meals at your house that you can freeze and eat at a later time.
Do some errands for you that you need done.
Tending to your phone and taking messages for the mother so that mom can spend some time with their partner
anything you need to have done as far as tidying up your house etc.
I will also offer a different at so much per day. That can be discussed over the phone or in person/internet

Miracles of Birth Doula Services
4 Palmiteer Road
Pulaski NY 13142