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Dads and Doulas

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Miracles of Birth Doula Services

Doulas do not try to compete with the Dad/Birth partner. Doulas are there to empower everyone with involved with information and support. They are there to be the extra hand/support person.


Here is some information for Dads/Birth Partners and working with a Doula!

Doulas do not in anyway try to take place of the father/birth partner in or make the father/birth partner feel less important or not needed. Fathers/birth partners need to be there to bond with the mothers and newborns they have a very important role in this. 
Doulas are there to help the father/birth partner with any questions or concerns that might have had over something they have learned at childbirth classes previously taken.
She can give the father/birth partner a break if they need to go get something to eat or go home and shower if delivery is still a long time frame away.
She can give the mother a massage or fluff up her pillows or tidy her up so that you are able to take a quick break for yourself.
She can go through the stages of labor with you that the mother might be going through if you have any questions.
She can teach you relaxation and massage techniques to use on the mother, so you don't feel like you aren't doing anything
She can take photos and or videos for you when the final moments are happening so that you can be more of a part of what is going on.

A laboring mother is not the only one that benefits from a doula. A father can benefit greatly from a doula. Fathers go through many of the same feelings that the mother goes through.  A doula can help both the mother and the father/birth partner through it and for them to realize that they are not alone in this process.

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