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- README_FIRST.html - This help file
- index.html - The first page people see when they go to your website, and the page you copy to make more webpages
- style.css - Your style sheet which holds all of your font and color information
- DIRECTORY: images - Houses all of your website graphics
- DIRECTORY: images/navbuttons - Houses all of the navigational button graphics

1. Connect to your domain or webspace with your FTP client.
2. Make sure you are in the right directory of your website (usually the WWW or public_html folder), and upload all the files and directories from this .zip file.
NOTE: Use ASCII mode for HTML and CSS file, and Binary mode for the images.
3. Now, open a web browser and go to your website. If you uploaded it correctly, the index.html page will be automatically loaded and you'll see the standard template.
NOTE: If the right page doesn't show up, double-check where you uploaded the files to. You should be able to see it up at: or if you have space on a freeserver,
4. If it works, Congrats! Move on to CUSTOMIZING YOUR WEBSITE. If you are stuck and need help, Contact Us.


1. Open index.html in a text editor, like Notepad.
2. Throughout the file there are comments, telling you where certain areas begin and end. Where ever it says to customize, erase the text that is there and put what you want in its place.
3. Save the file
4. Upload it to your webspace using your FTP client (and overwrite the existing index.html page).
5. Take a look at the page in your browser to make sure it looks the way you want.

1. Decide which buttons you want to use for your website.
2. Open index.html in your text editor again
3. Erase the IMG tag lines for the buttons you do NOT want on your website. Leave the others.
4. Save index.html and upload it back to your webspace.

1. Assuming you've done the last few things in order, now you will want to add more pages to your site.
2. Open index.html in your text editor
3. Go to File > Save As and save it as the next page you want to create (i.e. aboutus.html, ourservices.html, etc.)
NOTE: Try naming the file the same as the button, to lessen confusion. So if you left the introduction.jpg button on your website, name your new webpage introduction.html
4. Remove the IMG tag line for the button that correlates with THIS new webpage, because it doesn't make sense having a button for this page ON this page.
NOTE: You will want to put a Home button on all pages other than index.html. Copy any IMG tag and paste it, replacing the image's name with backhome.jpg
5. Customize the text like you did in the EDITING PAGE CONTENT section
6. Save the file and upload it to your webspace.
7. On index.html, make sure the button's link to the page you just created is there and working.

It is not recommended to edit the stylesheet (style.css) as the colors coordinate with the website graphics. Only edit it if you know what you are doing, or have edit it for you.

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