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Postpartum Doula and fees

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A Postpartum Doula means to mother the mother. In other words those first few days home after delivery can be hectic whether its your first birth or your tenth. It becomes hectic for some families. Mothers need to eat and sleep and get their strength back as having a baby takes alot out of you.
That is where the Postpartum Doula steps in. They can help you out doing many different things
1. They can prepare meals for the mother and or family.
2.They can help the mother watch the baby so she can nap or shower.
3. They can show the other family members/support people, on how to take care of the mother
4. Play with and care for other children in the family.
5. Screen phone calls for the mother so the mother can rest.
6. Wash and do laundry for the baby and mother and other children in the family.
7. Help the mother with day to day feelings, concerns, thoughts the mother may be feeling. Helping the mother to cope, or to be able to talk out their concerns etc. just to sit there and listen to the mother talk about anything she wants to.
8. Light housekeeping or tidy up any other part of the house the mother may want done.
9. Help the mother hold the baby so that she can spend time with other children or husband/partner.
10. Do errands that the family may need done (something the mother usually has to do)




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